HX0701852 PCAP+TFT 7 inch touch screen for raspberry pi

HX0701852 PCAP+TFT 7 inch touch screen for  raspberry pi:The 7 inch capacitive touch panel with cypress touch controller ic,uses 6pins I2C interface,and the tft lcd screen with 1024x600 resolution,40PINS LVDS interface.We can provide "IIC TO USB " and "lvds to hdmi" driver board.

How to connect the 7-inch capacitive touch screen to the Raspberry Pi?

To connect a 7-inch capacitive touch screen to a Raspberry Pi, you will need to follow the steps below:

  1. Ensure that your Raspberry Pi has the latest version of Raspbian installed.
  2. Connect the screen to the Raspberry Pi using the HDMI cable that came with the screen.
  3. Connect the USB cable from the screen to the USB port on the Raspberry Pi.
  4. Power on the Raspberry Pi and the touch screen should turn on automatically.
  5. Check that the touch screen is working by tapping on it with your finger or a stylus.

Note: Depending on the specific touch screen and Raspberry Pi model you are using, additional steps may be required, such as installing drivers or configuring settings.

Product Description

Model Number HX0701852
Brand Grahowlet
Size 7.0 inch
Operating Temperature -20℃ ~ 70℃
Storage Temperature -30℃ ~ 80℃
Bonding workmanship Air/Optical Bonding
Outline Dimension 165.00(W)x100.00(H)x7.79(D) mm 
Viewing Area 154.88(W)x86.72(H) mm 
Active Area 154.21(W)x85.92(H) mm 
Support Systems Windows/Android/Linux etc.
Warranty 1 year
PCAP Interface Type I2C/USB
Controller IC Cypress
Touch Points 10 points
Transparency ≥85%
Surface Hardness ≥6H
Surface treatment /
PCAP Power Supply Voltage 2.8V ~ 3.3V
Resolution 1024x600
Interface Type LVDS/HDMI/VGA
Luminance 1000 cd/m²
Viewing Angle ALL

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