11.6 inch capacitive touch screen and tft lcd display

     The 11.6 inch capacitive touch screen and tft lcd display, with ILI2510 touch controller ic, Industrial application partially, G+G structure, strong anti-jamming performance,support touch with gloves of various materials and thick tempered glass or PC material onside, mainly used in advertising terminal, intelligent education terminal, self-service inquiry terminal and other fields, Deep customization acceptable,including structure and surface treatment--AG AR AF.

     The 11.6 inch capacitive touch screen and tft lcd display Module is a biased towards commercial product.The display screen is a vertical screen design with a resolution of 1920*1080,with MIPI interface and a full view angle.The  capacitive screen USB interface, it is more suitable for application in some areas where the environment is slightly better. The module products are suitable for use on the equipment installed by the flat assemble module structure, and the capacitive touch screen structure part can also support deep customization;

Product Description

Technical Q&A
Q: Is there any suggestion regarding the capacitive touch screen module solutoin directly used by raspberry pi and orange pi?
A: We have some mature projects cases and the best way is to connect the touch screen directly through USB interface to the Raspberry Pi or the orange Pi, and the display can be directly connected through HDMI interface, this way the whole solution can be implemented through plug and play.
Large size touch screen will be designed directly with USB interface, small size is general designed with IIC interface, so we will do is to provide the board which changes the IIC into USB. however, customers need to contact our technicians to check the configuration and software system.
For display, we can provide RGB to HDMI, LVDS to HDMI, MPI to HDMI, EDP to HDMI and other driver boards to realize the connection with Raspberry Pi and orange pi;
Q: If the display screen and the capacitive touch screen are designed to be assembled separately, what attention should be paid?
A: If the installation is separate for display and touch, the main factor should be considered is the gap between the capacitive touch screen and the display. it is better to control it within gap between 0.5 to 2mm because if it is less than 0. 5mm when the display screen is working, the radiation interference will become larger, which may interfere with the capacitive screen, and also when the gap is too close, If the capacitive screen itself is not strong enough, the deformation of the press may appear after contacting the display screen, which might result in water ripples or Newton ring. However If the gap is higher than 2mm, our eyes will feel the visual deviation between touch and display, the touch feeling will be greatly affected, and with the gap being too large, it is easy to be affected by external dust if the sealing is not particularly good.

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